Human Harvest

Something you have never heard or seen before. Coming Soon.

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Fonzi the Dog* **


Fonzi the Dog

Rim Me Baby


Wait Until I Come

Freezing Rain/Snow

@#$! &$#@ Fucker!!

Chinese Wet Dream


My Asshole Starves

Summon the Flow

Last Song of the Fonzi the Dog Album

Blue Dot


Manufactored Human Race* **


Automaton Amoung You

A Little More Peace Please

Watch You Die

Hell is the World

Big Toe

Wounded Member

The Donkey Show I Never Got To See

Shut Up And Suck

~ Song ~

~ Song ~

~ Song ~

Is That A Chicken I See?

Yoda, My Lover

Pink Dot

Introduction To Human Harvest



* Lyrics and album titles subject to change.

** Album in the works.


Updated October 23, 2001